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From events that help our students come to know and follow Jesus Christ to projects that help us expand and develop our outreach, here's where your support of our ministry is most needed.
Bosco Night Dinners

Every Wednesday during the academic year, after Mass we offer our students a free dinner and a chance to grow as a community.  It's a great opportunity for our students to take a break from studies, get to know each other, and enjoy a home-cooked meal in our campus home.


Each year we offer a number of retreats for our students, as a chance to leave the homework and projects at home for a few days and make space for a renewed encounter with Christ. Retreat weekends can be immensely fruitful and important steps in our faith journey.

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe
Vestments & Chalices

Our sacristy is small, and our chapel currently does not have any vestments or chalices other than what the Chaplain (or visiting priest) brings with him. Most of our chapel accessories are hand-me-downs from other parishes. Your help would be greatly appreciated to make the liturgy a more beautiful and transcendent experience for our students.

Building & Capital Improvements

We'd love to re-sod our lawn, improve our fire-pit, and make the Catholic Chapel a more welcoming and beautiful place for students and visitors to relax while they are on-campus.


We've been working to expand our video and social media presence in order to reach more students and alumni in a way that reveals the beauty and truth of the faith in compelling and artistic ways. Funds donated here will help cover the cost of equipment and occasional freelance help as work to share the Gospel in this digital age.

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