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Confession Times


11:00 am to Noon


5:00-6:00 pm


11:00 am to Noon


11:00 am to Noon

For confessions by appointment,
click here to email Fr. Tim.

Image by James Coleman

We don't have a nice confessional yet, so here's how we do Confessions:

During weekdays, Confession takes place during Adoration.  To go to Confession, once exposition begins, wait until the priest finishes exposition and he goes to the room at the end of the hall.

Line up in the hallway by the bathrooms, entering the room from the hallway door, if it is open.  If it’s closed, there is probably someone inside the confessional; kindly wait until they finish and leave the room.


On Sundays, Fr. Tim will simply be in his office in the main hallway. 

Come on in.

If you are new at Confession, or haven’t been in a long while, don’t worry.  It’s not uncommon for folks to come back after being gone for some time, so most priests are very much used to it.  If you don’t know what to do, simply tell the priest “I don’t know/remember how to do this”, and he can help you through it.

A few Tips for a Good Confession
Image by Shalone Cason

  • If you can't remember the Act of Contrition, that's fine. We all forget various prayers from time to time. Just ask the priest for help. 
  • You don’t need to defend yourself to the priest.  He knows you’re not perfect.  He doesn’t care.  He will most likely forget your sins as soon as you leave.  God loves you despite your failures, and so does the priest, if he’s worth his salt.

  • Take ownership for your mistakes.  Don’t blame other folks.  We all make mistakes, it’s the greatest fool who thinks he doesn’t.

  • Take some time beforehand to think about it.  Try finding a good examination of conscience to help.

  • You can just say the type of sin itself, and the priest will ask for more information if he needs it.  Give the sin, not the story.  Taking too long means that someone else’s Confession will have to be rushed and not the encounter with Christ that it should be.

Example: “I was unkind to my husband”, not “Well, my husband and I have been having disagreements about the dog, so the other day I yelled at him for blah, blah, blah…story goes on for twenty minutes”

  • Whatever sin you’re most embarrassed about, chances are the priest hears it all the time.  The Devil wants you to think you’re all alone, but you’re not.

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