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I want To Get Married...

Wedding Rings

If you are a student or former student of Wright State, and would like to be married in the Church, you might be considering a wedding at the Chapel here. Or, perhaps you are planning on getting married elsewhere, but would like to do your preparation process here because you are a part of the Wright State Catholic Community.  In either case, the next step is to schedule a time to meet with Fr. Tim Fahey to discuss the process of marriage prep.

The process of wedding preparation is generally spread over 6 months, but it is ideal to start early, if possible. The preparation process will include filling out the proper forms to get married in the Church, a marriage retreat (generally a day or two long), the FOCCUS marriage preparation tool, and a number of meetings with the Chaplain to go over the basic teachings of the Church on Marriage.  Fr. Tim can discuss the details and walk you through the process, so feel to send him an email with questions or to begin the process.

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