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I want To Go To Mass...

Mass Times

12:30 pm


6:30 pm


12:30 pm


12:30 pm


4:30 pm (Byzantine)


8:00 am (Byzantine),

11:00 am

We welcome everyone who comes to Mass here, regardless of whether or not they are students. This includes anyone who is not Catholic (or Christian) who might like to experience our worship. If you are not Catholic, please read below for how to best be a part of the Mass.
What To Do If You're Not Catholic

First of all, welcome!  Please feel at home. Please chat with our FOCUS Missionaries and any staff afterwards if you have any questions. Catholic Mass can be a little bit different that what many folks are used to; it follows a very ancient ritual that was given by Christ to the Apostles.

If you don’t know what to do, just try to follow along the best you can with what everyone else does. You can just sit, stand and kneel with everyone else and take it all in, or ask Fr. Tim or anyone on staff for a sheet if you’d like to follow along.

The only difference will be for Communion. Because we believe that it is truly the Body and Blood of Christ, and not just a symbol, to receive Communion is extremely significant. To receive Communion is to proclaim with that action that you agree with the Church about what Communion is, and that you agree with everything the Church teaches. As such, if you are not Catholic, the respectful thing for you to do is to either come up to communion with your arms crossed to receive a blessing instead of Communion, or you can just remain in your pew if it makes you more comfortable. 


We hope that one day we all be unified in the truth about Christ and His Church, and that day will be a heck of a party, but until that day, we want to respect each other’s beliefs and pursuit of that truth.

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